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(In reply to comment #7)
> that did not do what it was supposed to

It did. It was supposed to create valid links and that was exactly what it did.
There was nothing wrong with the diff links it created. You broke an existing
functionality. That's called a regression.

> I have already asked about the magnitude of the problems this caused in
> comment 3 and have yet to receive an answer, but given that I haven't
> heard any other reports that magnitude is rather small.

I'm sorry? You refuse to see a problem here. I got this. This does not mean the
problem does not exist. The syntax is used in pretty much every bigger
MediaWiki installation on many pages, mainly talk pages. It's almost impossible
to track and fix all the now broken posts. It's a regression.

> >
> now results in a "Bad title" error.

How do you know this is not the same regression?

> the 'title' parameter is ignored when 'diff' is given.

Thats the point. fullurl should do the same. Simple.

> {{fullurl: requires a valid title, and '' and ':' are not valid titles.

Did I mentioned this is a regression? Using ":" was valid before. Now it's not.
This is a regression.

> What would you expect {{fullurl:<>}} to do?

This is not connected to this report. These characters were always invalid in
titles. Colons aren't invalid in titles. Using "<>" never worked. Using ":"

(In reply to comment #8)
> the intention of parser functions like
> this is that {{fullurl}} requires a valid Title object in order to operate
> properly. The proper method for custom URL construction would be just that:
> custom URL construction

Fact: fullurl is for custom URL construction.

Fact: A diff link does not need a title. It's ignored anyway.

Therefor: fullurl with a diff parameter must do the same and ignore the title.

> this broke your specific workflow

It broke existing pages.

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