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(In reply to comment #6)
> I would love to have a [[Special:Diff/117674067]] syntax instead.
> Similar to [[Special:Permalink/117674067]]. But currently there is
> no better way to link to a diff.

A patch for this is pending: .
It needs some work, though.

> Argument #1: It doesn't really matter if you call it a "hack". It
> worked. It did what it was supposed to do. Now it does not work any
> more. The change broke existing pages.

No, that did not do what it was supposed to – in fact, it wasn't
supposed to work the way you used it.

I have already asked about the magnitude of the problems this caused in
comment 3 and have yet to receive an answer, but given that I haven't
heard any other reports that magnitude is rather small.

> Argument #2: A {{fullurl:...}} should always be treaded as a core
> function and never as a template, no matter what's written after the
> colon. Currently it tries to transclude a non existing
> [[Template:Fullurl:]], [[Template:Fullurl::]] or worse. This is
> confusing.

This might be a valid complaint. The behavior, however, is consistent
with the behavior of other magic words when they are called incorrectly;
if we want it changed, I think it should be done in a separate bug.

> Argument #3: All these are valid URLs:

That's not true, the third one now results in a "Bad title" error.
The seventh one only works because the 'title' parameter is ignored
when 'diff' is given.

Let me also note that in the fourth one the empty 'title' parameter
is filled with the 'Main Page' title (which is why visiting
""; works).

> Therefor all these calls of the fullurl function should create the
> same valid URLs as shown above: {{fullurl:de:Wikipedia:Hauptseite}}
> {{fullurl:Wikipedia:Hauptseite}} {{fullurl::}} {{fullurl:}}
> {{fullurl:de:Wikipedia:Hauptseite|diff=117674067}}
> {{fullurl:Wikipedia:Hauptseite|diff=117674067}}
> {{fullurl::|diff=117674067}} {{fullurl:|diff=117674067}}

{{fullurl: requires a valid title, and '' and ':' are not valid titles.
As I mentioned, we could add a hack to make that work, but I'd rather
not (without at least assessing the impact, see comment 3).

What would you expect {{fullurl:<>}} to do? {{fullurl::}} and
{{fullurl:}} behave in the same way.

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