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I'll chime in because design was tagged in this bug but the only part of it
that seems design related is the desire to simplify preferences, which i think
is a great goal. As many have said, the number of users that have even
interacted with this preference is negligible. Some of their rational is
curious ("advertising for celebrities") as a means of disabling it. People who
do not want this feature because it requires javascript are probably likely to
disable javascript sitewide through their browsers. While the argument that on
extremely slow connections or computers this could "Slow down the experience"
could possibly be valid, It does not slow down you ability to enter and execute
a search query. If a user types a query and hits enter or the search icon, the
search is executed immediately, whatever the search suggestion box is doing
seems to have no effect on immediately executing the search. 

So in general I'm fine with removing this, I don't care if its now or when we
do a total overhaul of the preferences, but its probably easier to just do it

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