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> People who do not want this feature because it requires javascript are 
> probably > likely to disable javascript sitewide through their browsers.

I disagree. The 112 people who used this option would have no reason to if they
actually disabled javascript. And having javascript enabled is the only way
people noticed immediately when suggestions became mandatory.

I for one like the talk page notifier and the ability to roll over citations.
By keeping controversial features like the visual editor optional, Wikipedia
has been an ideal site for those who value Javascript used sparingly... until

> While the argument that on extremely slow connections or computers this could
> "Slow down the experience" could possibly be valid, It does not slow down you
> ability to enter and execute a search query.

It does slow down your ability to enter it. On my 1GHz machine, the letters I
type show up after a slight lag compared to < 1.22 MediaWikis. This is
especially noticable after "hiding but not disabling" the suggestions via CSS.

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