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> (Copying from bug 13941 comment 7)
> The objection to the user preference is that the default behavior should be
> sane without the need to add user interface clutter. Most visitors don't have
> user preferences and most users never set their user preferences. If there's
> a reason that people can't stand these suggestions, we should find a way to
> either remove them or improve them. Letting users opt out is sometimes a
> valid position to take, but it's generally a last resort, given the 
> constraints
> and context (i.e., how most visitors experience the site and how most users
> interact with it). And we can generally allow opting out without re-adding
> the user interface clutter, via user JS and CSS subpages. For limited cases,
> this solution works really well. I think this is one of those cases.

The last resort is warranted when there is a sharp disagreement over which
behaviour is sane. But I should see how my gadget proposal goes before I do
more arguing:

I will start telling people from the Village Pump discussion unless there's a
way to turn on the gadget for everyone who had disablesuggest before.

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