--- Comment #15 from Lupo <> 2010-01-22 08:08:43 UTC ---
Are there any tools that might break if they encountered a float instead of a
rational in these GPS fields? I don't know, and that's why I reconverted the
value into a rational: to make sure the stored metadata looks exactly the same
as it did before.  (There's at least one bot at the Commons, run by Dschwen,
that generates and adds {{location}} templates from the GPS information in the
metadata.) If you store a float there, tools must now be ready to expect either
a rational or a float there. Note that the original Exif from the file as
returned by exif_read_data may already contain a single value as a rational if
the raw Exif data contained a fractional degree. exif_read_data appears to
return an array for these fields only if the degrees are an integral value
(denominator 1).

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