--- Comment #17 from Ilmari Karonen <> 2010-01-25 00:49:19 UTC 
I just ran an API query on a Commons image with GPS metadata, uploaded to my
own wiki with the patch applied, and it seems to work well enough:

An alternative approach that comes to mind, which would also completely
eliminate any precision loss, would be to just convert the original rationals
to strings and concatenate them to something like "28/1 32/1 2065/100".  That
would make the pretty-printing a little more complicated, but not very much so.

..or we could just convert the values to a single rational in a much simpler
way: instead of going via floats, just multiply the denominators by 1, 60 and
3600 respectively, convert them to a common denominator (we already have a gcd
method) and add them together.

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