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> > What if a ticket
> > is in multiple components? Will it then be added multiple times here?
> A ticket is only processed once - and it will be in the component first
> converted (probably catimages - subster - web tool scripts - general)

Is is somehow bad... could lead to a lot of confusion later on - they should at
least contain a hint about this.

> > This is wrong, should be: project = DRTRIGON AND component = "pywikipedia"
> > (The other one is 'General'.)
> > And it should be imported into 'pywikibot/unspecified' since it might also
> > contain 'core' stuff.
> But you also specified you wanted those bugs in "DrTrigonBot - General".
> Shall
> I import them there, and let you manually move bugs to pywikibot/something if
> necessary?

No, you have to watch out there are 2 different components having "pywikipedia"
in their names:
* project = DRTRIGON AND component = "DrTrigonBot - pywikipedia" goes to
* project = DRTRIGON AND component = "pywikipedia" goes to
so you have to watch out and distinguish between "DrTrigonBot - pywikipedia"
and "pywikipedia" (without "DrTrigonBot") - these are 2 components.

> > Btw.: They do get
> > imported as "resolved" here, I assume?
> Correct.

So... tickets marked as 'closed' do get imported as 'resolved' AND those marked
as 'resolved' do get imported as 'resolved', right?

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