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The closed ones are imported, but you need to tell Bugzilla to list closed
bugs, too. Older (>3 months) closed bugs did not get an URL comment added in


I think it might actually be better to keep the 'project = DRTRIGON AND
component = "pywikipedia"' in DrTrigon - general for now, as they are (at least
partially) in German. In any case, all those bugs depend on, which /is/ in pywikibot now.

The full list of bugs that had multiple components is:

DRTRIGON-1    Migrate BUGS from wiki to JIRA
DRTRIGON-2    Migrate FEATURE REQUESTS from wiki to JIRA
DRTRIGON-3    Migrate TODO from wiki to JIRA
DRTRIGON-15    F53 (copied from wiki)
DRTRIGON-16    F54 (copied from wiki)
DRTRIGON-17    F55 (copied from wiki)
DRTRIGON-37    DRTRIGON-20 JIRA account für SVN
DRTRIGON-39    DRTRIGON-20 Cleanup ToDo's
DRTRIGON-42    MailerBot future
DRTRIGON-78    List all changed talk pages of articles under one category
DRTRIGON-81    Germanization 'disk' instead of 'disc' was used in several
DRTRIGON-85    Integrate sum_cat_disc as bot
DRTRIGON-87    Bot ERROR mail cannot be sent sometimes
DRTRIGON-96    DRTRIGON-15 '': Kann eigentlich öffentlich werden, da
mit der [2] jeder den Bot jetzt auch konfigurieren kann
DRTRIGON-105    Support for multiple BS template configurations
DRTRIGON-118    Enable lua support to enable even better template programming
inclusion (subster)
DRTRIGON-128    DRTRIGON-124 Future improvements as duplicate detection,
classification and code clean-up (TD-018, TD-019, TD-020)
DRTRIGON-129    Check to usefulness and capabilities of Labs (vs. TS)
DRTRIGON-131    Reduce influence, try to unlink features

which, I think, is doable to fix by hand.

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