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The number of migrated bugs does still not match, JIRA gives me 133 [1] where
as your link (of course the closed are not listed here - thanks! ;) to the
bugzilla list [2] gives 119 only - so 14 are still missing...


Also if you look at this list [3], you can see that DRTRIGON-128 was not
migrated (it's missing in [2]).


So I checked all tickets manually:
* "DrTrigonBot - pywikipedia", "pywikipedia" as well as the uncategorized
DRTRIGON-133 are migrated to 'General' except: DRTRIGON-123 (is in pywikibot as
bug 59500), DRTRIGON-18 (is in pywikibot as bug 59585) as well as the whole
list given in comment #20 - OK!
* "DrTrigonBot - catimages" in 'catimages' - PERFECT!
* "DrTrigonBot - subster" in 'subster' - DRTRIGON-129 is missing (is on list
given in comment #20) - OK!
* "DrTrigonBot - toolserver scripts" in 'web tool scripts' - DRTRIGON-129 is
missing (is on list given in comment #20) - OK!
* DRTRIGON-128 is here as bug 59372 (but not on the list you linked -
strange... ;) and was not closed in jira - why that?
* list given in comment #20: moved all to "DrTrigonBot - General" since this is
the most general component covering/containing all others as well (choose if
unsure/undetermined) - OK!

Some minor ideas:
* might be a good idea to migrate the jira original component info (list in
comment #20) to the individual tickets as well, at least for future
migrations... ;)
* for the next time try to import first the most general component - that would
guarantee that they are properly assigned here - since the most general fits
always ;)

So again thanks work for work and effort! Greetings

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