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> The code used for the conversion is available at
> At line 207, the existing converted bug is found. 
> bug.addcomment(....) could be added at line 210 to add a comment to the
> existing bugs, which could contain any information in issue['fields'] (see
> e.g.
> )

Thanks for all the info provided! I do not have permission to look at jira API:
Unauthorized (401).

> It also seems attachments were not uploaded -- apparently they don't always
> show up in the JSON response (see, again,
> vs
> )

I not happy with this... We need to get a solution here. In past I put a lot of
effort and time into ticket management on jira, as it was a crucial part of my
work-flow/todo-list and docu... just to loose everything now because of a
overhasty and non-mature migration process would be a mess!

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