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What you're seeing could be explained by the following time line:

* patch set 19 gets uploaded
* Person A opens the change's page
* Person B uploads patch set 20
* Person A clicks “Edit Commit Message” (still being on patch set 19,
  as patch set 20 did not yet show up)
* Person A clicks “Submit” in the “Create New Patch Set” dialog.

To me, gerrit's behaviour does not feel wrong.

Your expected behaviour would make others complain that they clicked
“Edit Commit Message” for patch set 19, and not patch set 20 and that
gerrit should not second guess them by automatically switching to
patch set 20 behing the users back.

Regardless of which of the two approaches gerrit would take, gerrit
would disappoint some people :-/

Even refusing to change the commit message would not resolve the
problem, as we run into the same problem if you change the commit
message locally. For example by

* patch set 19 gets uploaded
* Person A clones latest patch set (i.e.: 19)
* Person B uploads patch set 20
* Person A amends the commit message of the most up-to-date patch set
  of the local checkout (i.e.: 19)
* Person A submits the amended commit for review (Thereby creating
  patch set 21 which does not incorporate the changes of patch set 20).

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