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> Isn't the question whether there is a use-case to remove an existing feature
> that doesn't seem to bother anybody in MediaWiki-not-Wikimedia land?

Nope. Global configuration variables are similar to user preferences in this
way. There should be a sensible default and an option should only be introduced
if absolutely necessary. In this case, I (still) don't see a compelling

> If $wgMFAnonymousEditing is simply removed, and no technical alternative
> exists to restrict anonymous mobile editing, then they will be forced to
> accept it when upgrading MobileUpdate, which sounds like a weird imposition if
> you are not aware of these Wikimedia-centric debates.

Sorry, this doesn't make any sense to me. You or any other wiki system
administrator determine who can edit by modifying user rights in
LocalSettings.php. You can restrict anonymous (mobile) editing easily and many
wikis do.

> I'm very familiar with all this since my personal pet project has been using
> MobileFrontend since it was quite a wild young beast. We might enable
> anonymous mobile editing now that we upgraded to last versions of MediaWiki
> and MF, but it would be nice to be able to apply this change (and revert it if
> needed) based on our own criteria and actions, instead of being forced as part
> of a software update.

MobileFrontend is a mobile front-end. If you're not interested in having a
mobile front-end, you can uninstall the extension (or downgrade it, I suppose).
If you want to restrict anonymous editing, that's part of MediaWiki core, as
stated. I don't see the issue here.

In my mind, it's far more disruptive to have an undocumented configuration
variable that defies general expectations. If you think of MobileFrontend as a
skin, it would never make any sense that it would touch the ability of anyone
to edit.

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