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> You or any other wiki system
> administrator determine who can edit by modifying user rights in
> LocalSettings.php. You can restrict anonymous (mobile) editing easily and
> many wikis do.

To be clear: can MediaWiki sysadmins disable anonymous mobile editing while
enabling desktop mobile editing by modifying user rights?

If today they can, fine, I'm happy to recommend that approach to MobileFrontend
users. If not, then please don't remove $wgMFAnonymousEditing while no better
alternative exists.

MZMcBride, you say that you don't see a compelling case. The maintainers of
MobileFrontend do see the point, to the extent of having developed a solution
for it. Bug 52442 comment 14 is probably a good summary of that rationale. This
is not a real issue for any 3rd party MediaWiki sysadmin because if anybody
disagrees with that rationale they can just set $wgMFAnonymousEditing to true
and move on.

Going back to your comment 0 and potential steps in the short term, your main
motivation in this discussion is this:

> setting it to true by default and overriding Wikimedia's setting

These are two very different things. 

Setting $wgMFAnonymousEditing to true by default in Mobile Frontend is indeed
trivial, although it is also trivial for sysadmins to change it. Therefore I
would say that, as long as the maintainers of MobileFrontend are not confident
about the support for anonymous mobile editing, it make sense to give the
choice to MediaWiki sysadmins with a conservative default.

Setting $wgMFAnonymousEditing to true in Wikimedia projects is a Wikimedia
specific discussion. Trying to address it with your patch against
MobileFrontend doesn't look like a good approach to me.

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