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You've been asked repeatedly to provide a use-case and have failed to do so.

> MZMcBride, you say that you don't see a compelling case. The maintainers of
> MobileFrontend do see the point, to the extent of having developed a solution
> for it.

You seem to have missed (or you're deliberately ignoring) comment 11.

> Bug 52442 comment 14 is probably a good summary of that rationale.

No; cf. bug 53069 comment 2.

> This is not a real issue for any 3rd party MediaWiki sysadmin because if
> anybody disagrees with that rationale they can just set $wgMFAnonymousEditing
> to true and move on.

This comment makes no sense.

> Going back to your comment 0 and potential steps in the short term, your main
> motivation in this discussion is this:
>> setting it to true by default and overriding Wikimedia's setting
> These are two very different things. 

No kidding. However, it doesn't make sense to change the extension default or
specify the setting in Wikimedia's configuration if the configuration variable
should not exist at all. A global configuration variable requires a use-case,
otherwise it should be removed. You still have not provided any use-case here.

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