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> Why isn't there an option to select between "a Wikimedia project" and
> "Powered
> by MediaWiki" if both images are 88x31?

Unfortunately you'll have to ask Facebook that, it's their proprietary code
that's picking the images out of standardized html.

> But how/where does 'poweredbyico' get included into the Vector template?

poweredbyico is deprecated, skins now use footericons.

(In reply to comment #60)
> As an aside, with RDFa, we could probably just add `property="og:image"` to
> all
> of the in-page images.

OGP isn't RDFa, they do state "We've based the initial version of the protocol
on RDFa" but it isn't actual RDFa and it violates some of RDFa's rules. OGP's
"spec" only accepts data from meta tags in the head.

However I have considered extracting the list of images included in the page
output and outputting og:image data in the head for them. Actually I've had
other ideas like allowing images in content to be marked as
presentational/non-presentational so we can intelligently exclude bad images.

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