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            Bug ID: 60366
           Summary: Wikidata should offer BEACON files to improve GLAM
           Product: Wikimedia
           Version: wmf-deployment
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BEACON files are an easy-to-create and easy-to-use means for connecting
websites. The format was invented by German Wikipedians some years ago. It is
used by libraries and institutional websites, mainly in the German-speaking

A German introduction can be found here:

An English introduction can be found here:

For examples of the possibilities of the format, see:

Most existing BEACON files are based on GND authority data, but it's perfectly
possible to use any other identifier.

As we try to convince the GLAM world to use this format, I think especially
Wikidata with its wealth of authority data fields conncected to each other and
to Wikimedia project websites should offer such BEACON files.

Those BEACON files could be updated by a bot on a regular basis (e. g. weekly),
and be hosted on some official Wikimedia server.

Right now, the most important Wikidata BEACON file would probably be:

GND -> Wikidata ID

(including all Wikidata items that have a "GND identifier" field, and only
those). For this one we don't even need a resolver tool, since the Wikidata URL
format already works as a valid link resolver.

Others could be:
GND -> en.wikipedia
GND -> de.wikisource
GND -> Commons Category
VIAF -> en.wikipedia
VIAF -> Commons Category
SUDOC -> fr. wikipedia
etc. etc.

Also, BEACON files like
Wikidata ID -> wikimedia projects
or even
Wikidata ID -> some external identifier
could be useful.

I think retrieving the necessary data should be very very simple (it's just the
simplest SQL query), and the resolver tool with its 1:1 functionality doesn't
seem to be rocket science either. Something like – with some tweaks like
adding the project – might already do the trick actually.

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