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Maybe a first step would be to implement some resolving functionality in
Wikidata. I think any property with "single value" and "unique value"
constraints (especially those under the section "Authority Control") are
candidates for that. I imagine that directly would open a way to

[For some identifier systems, notably ISBN, there may not exist a universal
agreed syntax and therefore for some properties a normalization stage could be

A (simple) BEACON file as proposed by Andreas above would now be a simple dump
of all values of the given property with some header lines saying "Wikidata", a
verbalization of the property name etc. and most important the pattern for the
resolving URL, i.e.


The scope of BEACON files is human readable representations, here this means
some kind of HTML page, thus at the moment the regular item display should be
the result of the resolution process.

Now another question is that of combining resolving with some kind of
forwarding process: The example item with P214 also has a linked coat of arms
P94 and thus opens a path from VIAF 131280745 to "Emblem of Jerusalem.svg"
(unfortunately no URL is known or derivable without further knowledge) or with
respect to P237 a description of the coat of arms is available (unfortunately
its an wikidata item, not the description itself). But there are some
properties like  P646 ;-) which are transformable to external ressources and a
BEACON file would list those P214-values pertaining to items which
simultaneously carry P214 and P646.

Alas, the efficient way to code them would be by listing a concordance between
P214 and P646 in the BEACON file (and formulate the #TARGET by means of the
P646 number) but this is not specified yet. And of course this kind of BEACON
file would be generated from Wikidata data but this origin wouldn't be at all
visible in its applications thus implementation propably should be left to
interested parties and not Wikidata itself.

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