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So, here's my perspective:

I'm going to go through each table's behaviour for things other than
WhatLinksHere, integrating with which would take some substantial engineering
and I'd be happy to leave it until later, Maryana willing.

pagelinks: Are used to update red/blue link status. Flow actually uses its own
red-linker class to set the red/blue-link status of individual links in posts
and headers, so this is moot.

templatelinks: Used to update pages when templates change. This can be
accomplished another way – I'm currently looking at how we might work with
Parsoid here. In particular, we store fully rendered HTML, and I'm not sure how
comfortable I am rewriting history when a template is changed. We may want to
do it for headers only and not for posts.

categorylinks: I am happy to say that posts and headers cannot be in
categories. Maybe later on we can allow talk pages to be added to categories by
adding tags to the header or by another method.

imagelinks: Used to update page HTML when images are updated. However, the HTML
only changes if either no size is specified in wikitext and the image is
resized, or if the image is deleted. In both cases, I think it's an issue to be
addressed soon, but not urgently and not so important to block short testing

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