--- Comment #1 from Moriel Schottlender <> ---
This is actually intended behavior, but one that's not clearly explained; if
the size parameters are invalid, the media edit dialog will apply all other
changes except for size (so to allow other changes like image type, alternate
text, etc)

There are two ways to solve this bug imho:

1. Adjust the message to "Size values are invalid and will not be applied."

2. Make the 'apply' button inactive if size is invalid, forcing the user to
find valid parameters or cancel -- but this will also mean that if other
changes were made in the dialog, and the user doesn't know or want to change
the size after seeing it is invalid (or wants to revert to the previous
dimensions) we force them to cancel *all* changes and redo them again.

I am leaning towards #1, but we should discuss and see if we want to apply #2.

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