--- Comment #3 from Moriel Schottlender <> ---
The problem in my opinion with #2 is that if a user spent time working on new
settings (caption / alternate text / position etc) we force them to deal with
size before applying the rest. In general I think that might be less convenient
in the long run.

I think the better approach (giving the user more leeway) is to alert the user
that the parameter is wrong and won't be applied, save everything else, and
allow the user to go back in and deal with the size widget specifically if they
want to (or decide they don't want to deal with numerical values and resize
with the mouse)

I think that while it's less like "others" are doing, this might give the user
more leeway when fixing and working on stuff. Instead of forcing the user to
deal with a problem they might just want to undo, we let the user save
everything else and choose if they want to go back to retrying the size

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