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> > Possibly. There are some community members who would find a way to take
> > offence to "how is your day going?". I don't particularly think we should 
> > base
> > our decisions around pandering to them.
> This is unacceptable attitude, Oliver. You in particular should know better
> than that.

Sorry, I should be clearer; the 'them' is 'the sort of people who would find a
way to take offence...'

So, to expand: I fully believe that the community should be factored into the
decision-making process, directly and indirectly - but factored in is very
different from being a trump card. If the argument is "there will be people who
look at the API and think it's Us Doing The VisualEditor All Over Again",
that's a bad argument, and the sort of people who would jump from 'the minimum
viable product is not perfect' to 'everything is going to be terrible forever'
are not people I am particularly interested in basing our decisions on, because
anyone who _makes_ that cognitive leap is clearly not approaching things
rationally, and so it becomes very hard to actually compromise with them - if
compromising with them is actually worthwhile in the first place.

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