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> > Bugzilla is how one files bugs against a product--sorry you don't like it.
> > The
> > nice thing is it's asynchronous so if someone is in a different timezone 
> > they
> > can easily report issues without waiting for you to be around :)
> Bugzilla is an excellent way to track bugs, but for solving problems nothing
> beats communicating with a human being in real time.

Indeed. But it's also good to file bugs because people are imperfect and can
forget conversations they have :)

> The foundation uses
> real
> time communication within teams extensively to organize and ensure the work
> they want to get done happens.  Embrace the most effective forms of
> communication you can.

I know how the Foundation works...I work here too ;-)

Is real time communication awesome? Sure. Is finding someone on IRC to chat
about your problem sometimes faster than a bug? Absolutely.

But you said:

(In reply to comment #13)
> Personally I find impersonal communication methods like bugzilla a passive
> aggressive way to air issues without actually talking to anyone directly.  If
> you had come into our irc room months ago and xommunicated in real time I
> guarantee this bug would be in a different state.

Regardless of your personal opinions about Bugzilla, it's where we file bugs
our software--all of it. It's completely reasonable to expect people to file
bugs here, and they should be treated with just as much interest and care as
things tracked in Mingle, Trello, or reported to the IRC ether.

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