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> > Bugzilla is how one files bugs against a product--sorry you don't like it.
> > The
> > nice thing is it's asynchronous so if someone is in a different timezone 
> > they
> > can easily report issues without waiting for you to be around :)
> Bugzilla is an excellent way to track bugs, but for solving problems nothing
> beats communicating with a human being in real time.  The foundation uses
> real
> time communication within teams extensively to organize and ensure the work
> they want to get done happens.  Embrace the most effective forms of
> communication you can.
> Lucky for those in other timezones, we have team members in 2 american
> timezones, europe and australia.

The point is simply: there was a bug report by a respected member of the
platform team (whether or not you knew he was the point person for the API);
please respond to bug reports. People are busy and reviewing a lot of people's
code and can't be on point to track everyone down all the time (seriously, if
Platform had to do that, we'd never get anything else done).

Please take some initiative and review your bugzilla tickets and ask for
clarification where needed.

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