--- Comment #2 from Peter Krautzberger <> ---
This is caused by a custom MathJax extension used in the MediaWiki Math
Extension, wiki2jax,
That custom extension contains a simple heuristic (part of the ConvertMath
function) to identify display style equations.

> Aligning equations to the left is the desirable format.

IIUC that's simply due to the :<math>...</math> hack which the community
adopted because the math extension lacks support for display style -- see Traditionally,
display-style math layout is centered.

I think you opened a discussion about community preference on the WikiProject
Math page, too. So perhaps it's best to wait until there's a more definitive

Physikerwelt will correct me, but once Math extension 2.0 is ready, the
heuristic would also apply to the default image rendering.


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