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No Math 2.0 will have a selector to switch the style. 

Currently the situation is as follows:
The PNG mode creates a new latex document for each equation and puts $$
followed by the secured user input followed by $$ into the document body. The
resulting dvi image is cropped to that the equation that was rendered centered
on a page generated by latex is no longer centered. So it's not centered

The default for Math2.0 intends to keep this layout, but also offers to
alternatives "displaystyle" which centers equations and "inline" which uses the
inline mode (so the layout fit's into the text).

To convert the old math elements one could write a bot that transforms 
:<math> to math elements with the displaystyle property.
Another bot could search for html math and convert it back to math tags.

I would prefer to keep that two phase approach.
If this option is merged mathjax will behave like all other rendering modes.
(Frédéric an me tested that.)

So the centered equation in MathJax are a bug in the middle of changing from
version 1.1 to version 2.0

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