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CONTENTLANG has limitations, notably in Commons, Wikidata, and Meta, where
additional language codes are used and needed for handling translations in
languages (or variants) still not officially supported by MediaWiki, or being
discussed before deployment.

Also CONTENTLANG does not work in many namespaces which are already trnslatable
(in the Translate extension), because these namespaces theoretically do not
have subpages enabled (but subpages are effectively used on translatable pages,
even if this does not aplpy to all pages in the same namespace).

On Meta, we use the {{pagelang}} template to avoid these limitations.

But basically, if a page exists in the Translate extension, its /language-code
extension should be used as the value returned by {{CONTENTLANGUAGE}}, even in
namespaces that don't officially have subpages enabled.

Some poblems will still exist with language codes for which there is still no
full support in MediaWiki (such as "sou" used by Southern Thai, which is a
valid ISO 639-3 language code, already used in Meta, and which may also be
wanted in Commons to store image descriptions, even if there's no full support
of Southern Thai in MetaWiki).

Note that adding support for a language in MetaWiki is a necessary step before
opening a new lingusitic edition of a project. But it does not mean that there
will be a project for it, or that there even exists a Beta project in Incubator
for that language. MediaWiki for example can add support for languages
supported by sites outside Wikimedia projects (e.g. for Klingon, or English

We have policies on Wikiemdia sites for opening or not a project for some
language or variant, but translations is another affair and should be more
liberal (as long as they use conforming BCP47 codes, including for variants).
But these policies do not have to apply to MediaWiki itself, when it is used on
other sites.

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