--- Comment #9 from Philippe Verdy <> ---
Another missing thing for MassMessage:

it should expand the wiki code (with all its templates and parser functions) on
the source wiki where the message is composed.

Then this fully expanded wiki code could be safely posted to other wikis.

However expansion means that special handling must be done after full expansion
to translate the wikilinks, by adding the necessary interwiki prefixes (because
we cannot safely post the HTML conversion of the fully expanded wikicode, its
URLs would break on every HTML link using the "a" element with href attributes.

Another thing to consider: CSS code that works on the source wiki will not work
on the target one. As MessMessage cannot modify the target wiki stylesheets, it
would then need to resolve the CSS classes and CSS settings on the source wiki,
n order to set the appropriate style="" attributes in the posted wikicode.

The same consideration about non-portable stylesheets will apply to the
conversion of that expanded wiki code (augmented with resolved style attributes
on wiki elements) will apply before converting it to HTML when posting to
emails (however in HTML emails we can insert embedded stylesheets instead of
modifying the wikicode prior to the conversion, it will save data volume in the
HTML generated for emails sent to lots of users)

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