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--- Comment #3 from Quim Gil <> ---
The main problem I have with these graphs is that they show plenty of lines
going up and down, but no clear message. 

When answering "Time to closed by Priority", I think we should actually answer
"Median time of open bugs". This would provide more stable lines without huge
jumps between months, where we can see

* whether we are increasing or decreasing the median time for open bugs
* the differences of time response for higher and lower priority bugs

I think this change will make all the graphs a lot more useful.

Then we can organize better those six graphs:

Time to closed by Priority
Time to closed by Severity

Then time to first action, then time to first comment.

It would be good to have also a line for the median of the total of bugs,
regardless of priority/severity, to see how good are we doing overall.

One more thing, since we are considering "Lowest" almost as an equivalent of
WONTFIX-for-maintainers (we assign Lowest priority when nobody is planning to
act on a report), we might need to consider them as resolved-wontfix if they
distort too much the results. We will see.

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