--- Comment #55 from Gabriel Wicke <> ---
I'm still trying to figure out why you have the requirement to render *nested*
lists as a flat structure.

So far it seems that the only reason to support this is that lists *can*
generally be nested, not that they have to be for some reason. So right now it
looks like we are actually trying to solve a problem that doesn't necessarily
need to be solved.

The current solution (newline insertion) causes issues with round-tripping in
Parsoid and restricts the way we can render things as described in comment 18.
We could perhaps find a way to work around the issues in Parsoid, but this
involves considerable effort and comes at a cost of an irregularity in the way
we convert wikitext to DOM (which makes it harder to understand for our users).

So please let us know if there are real use cases for supporting nested lists
in hlist, and why those are worth the costs.

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