--- Comment #56 from Phillip Patriakeas <> ---
The use cases are exactly the same as the use cases of nesting lists when just
using HTML lists: anywhere you would potentially want to nest HTML lists is
where you would also potentially want to nest hlists. Consider for example the
following list:

--Great Dane

This is a perfectly semantic structure, and flattening the lists into a single
list destroys the semantics. If you convert it to an hlist (by adding an hlist
div or the like around it), it displays instead as:

Cats (Tabby - Calico) - Dogs (Chihuahua - Great Dane) - Gerbils - Kangaroos

Again, this is perfectly semantic, and the nesting is still visually
communicated, and again, flattening to just one list destroys the semantics.
And I can tell you from personal experience, both on and off of
Wikipedia/Wikimedia wikis, that it takes almost no imagination at all to find a
myriad of applications for such nestings in navboxes. But as Erwin said, I
don't see how lists being nested is at all relevant to this bug; the
functionality is completely separate from the wrapping functionality, which, as
he has stated multiple times, has already been removed from the hlist styles.

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