--- Comment #57 from Gabriel Wicke <> ---
(In reply to Phillip Patriakeas from comment #56)
> The use cases are exactly the same as the use cases of nesting lists when
> just using HTML lists: anywhere you would potentially want to nest HTML
> lists is where you would also potentially want to nest hlists. Consider for
> example the following list:
> -Cats
> --Tabby
> --Calico
> -Dogs
> --Chihuahua
> --Great Dane
> -Gerbils
> -Kangaroos
> This is a perfectly semantic structure, and flattening the lists into a
> single list destroys the semantics. If you convert it to an hlist (by adding
> an hlist div or the like around it), it displays instead as:
> Cats (Tabby - Calico) - Dogs (Chihuahua - Great Dane) - Gerbils - Kangaroos
> Again, this is perfectly semantic, and the nesting is still visually
> communicated, and again, flattening to just one list destroys the semantics.

I see, thanks for the clear explanation!

> And I can tell you from personal experience, both on and off of
> Wikipedia/Wikimedia wikis, that it takes almost no imagination at all to
> find a myriad of applications for such nestings in navboxes. But as Erwin
> said, I don't see how lists being nested is at all relevant to this bug; the
> functionality is completely separate from the wrapping functionality, which,
> as he has stated multiple times, has already been removed from the hlist
> styles.

Nowrap requirements made it hard to find a CSS-only solution. With that gone it
might now actually be possible to do away with the newlines.

I copied over the .hlist styles from enwiki common.css to and added a single line (display: inline) to the
first rule to prevent a wrap before the nested list. For comparison, is the unmodified CSS. As far as I can tell, both
variants work with or without newlines in the DOM.

Erwin mentioned that nowrap could still be applied manually. Is this an
important case we need to handle? Would that normally apply to a single list

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