--- Comment #19 from Gabriel Wicke <> ---
(In reply to Erwin Dokter from comment #18)
> * block level elements (including list itema) must be terminated with e
> newline
> * all other (inline) elements should not
> Would that ease the situation?

This would in fact complicate the situation. We don't insert newlines in HTML
where there were none in the original wikitext. This preserves the semantics
independent of the CSS whitespace styling (remember that 'pre' is a possible
value) and helps us to round-trip wikitext correctly without introducing
spurious newlines.

As discussed in bug 39617, the newlines don't seem to be necessary any more now
that the nowrap requirement is gone. Taking into account the cost they have for
Parsoid development, I'd recommend removing the code that inserts them from the
PHP parser.

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