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> Ah, so it is only the *tests* that are affected. I think I understand now.

Not just tests. See part (2) in Comment 16.

> Still my question remains: can I make the parser make a clean break *only*
> between </li> and <li> (as that is the core issue affecting nowrap), without
> any linebreak before or after <ul> and </ul>?

That is already the case since wikitext has newlines between list items. See
below for Parsoid's output.

[subbu@earth tests] echo "*a\n*b\n*c" | node parse
<body data-parsoid='{"dsr":[0,9,0,0]}'><ul data-parsoid='{"dsr":[0,8,0,0]}'><li
<li data-parsoid='{"dsr":[3,5,1,0]}'>b</li>
<li data-parsoid='{"dsr":[6,8,1,0]}'>c</li></ul>

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