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Subject:       upgrade libav to version 10 making sure to compile against
libvpx > 1.3.0 and libopus so we have VP9 video support
Download (untitled)
text/html 1.5k
VP9 is supposed to be the new big thing in open video formats war. Firefox
(alpha versions)  and chrome already have support built in, and its rumoured
that various mobile phones will have hardware decoding support eventually. Its
supposed to be quite a bit better format than current webm with VP8.

Given we want to promote free formats, it would be great if we could be an
early adopter. First step would be to recompile libav to support the format so
people could upload the file (and then we convert to VP8 or theora for people
who don't support the format)

So basically to do this we need to recompile libav (aka avconv aka the
libavcodec-extra package) with the options --enable-libvpx and
--enable-libopus. The version of libvpx has to be at least version 1.3.0 for
this to work. libav has to be quite new as well, at least 10_alpha1, which I
believe is > than any ubuntu package (but is debian experimental). Other then
that, I imagine it would be compiled with whatever options were used last time.
I don't know what those options were, but I imagine --enable-libtheora
--enable-libspeex --enable-libschroedinger would make sense (Although of those
three, libspeex might be the only one really needed. The other two won't hurt

There are already 2 existing files on commons using these formats you can test
*[[File:VP9test.webm]] (VP9 with vorbis audio. It should be noted many VP9
files will actually have opus audio tracks)
*[[File:Sound_of_the_bells_of_Sveta_Nedelya_in_Sofia_2012_PD.ogg]] (Opus audio

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