--- Comment #20 from Tyler Romeo <> ---
(In reply to Steven Walling from comment #17)
> That's the thing though. The user can't register a lowercase username. Or
> one with underscores. Or ones with trailing whitespace. If the user can't
> change their name to get those things, there is no point in telling them so.
> You're not warning them about things they can control. You're just throwing
> information at them they can't really act on, other than to not register or
> pick a completely different username which will be subject to the same rules.

The point he's trying to make is that mzmcbride is a good username, so is
MZMcBride, but Mzmcbride looks stupid. It's not that usernames are uniformly
lowercase or uppercase; only the first letter is changed to be uppercase. This
can cause problems, especially since, like I mentioned,
$wgAuth->getCanonicalName() can actually change the username more (for example,
LdapAuthentication actually makes the entire name lowercase).

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