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(In reply to Steven Walling from comment #17)
> That's the thing though. The user can't register a lowercase username. Or
> one with underscores. Or ones with trailing whitespace. If the user can't
> change their name to get those things, there is no point in telling them so.

I think you're missing the point. If I want to register as "mzmcbride" and I
know that my account name will be "Mzmcbride" (which makes absolutely no sense
as an end-user and completely contradicts expected behavior from other sites
such as GitHub or Twitter or ...), I might choose "MZMcBride" or something
completely different.

I don't need to be the one to reiterate the importance of user account names in
user identity, do I?

I'm not sure what kind of evidence you and Jon are looking for that this is a
problem. Have you two looked at user rename requests on any wiki? Rename
requests are a fairly common symptom of this problem.

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