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Wanted to read over everyones point of view here before responding. 

I'll try to address everyone's concerns…

We have a reader decline, its backed by hard numbers, any creative solution for
bringing more readers and contributors into the project should be seriously
discussed without being dismissed out of hand.

Calling twitter a passing fad is dismissive to others who do hard work on that
project (let's not be negative people) their user base is 2/3s, or equal to
wikipedias depending on the metric you uses, so its not insignificant by any

We already do plenty of platform or use case specific code for IE compatibility
so this is nothing new. The Twitter Card tags are very lightweight as I'm sure
other developers have pressured them to be so.

The benefits far outweigh any cruft to the pages in my mind, it also gives us
far more control over the look and feel of how are content is displayed on 3rd
party services which is crucial to maintaining the standard we have for
displaying license and rights related to our content when used outside our

Next Steps:

I'm having Ori look over Harsh's extension for any performance issues, and
Dario is taking a look in order to see if there are any changes that can or
should be made to help us better measure the effects of a change like this on
traffic from referring sites. 

If it gets the blessing of Ori, my recommendation is to go forward with
enabling the extension on WMF sites for now, measure the effect on traffic and
evaluate in a few months.

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