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(In reply to Jared Zimmerman (WMF) from comment #14)
> If your issue is performance surely the evaluation by Ori can confirm or
> deny that that will be an issue. 

Yes, I think you're missing the point. The only people to have repeatedly
mentioned performance concerns are yourself (comment 10 and bug 62845) and
Vibha (comment 8). Jon specifically stated in comment 9 that this isn't about

Meanwhile, in addition to inserting performance concerns into this discussion,
you (Jared) are also arguably spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt by arguing
that there's a reader decline that must be addressed (comment 10).

> if your issue is some personal thing against twitter, fine, noted. But that
> doesn't really have much bearing on the bug. 

In my mind, this isn't a technical issue, it's a social issue. The technical
side of this is pretty simple (insert a few extra tags into the <head> of every

What steps have you, Vibha, or anyone else on the design team taken to gauge
whether the Wikimedia community wants to add these tags? It's certainly
possible that most people either won't care or will prefer to have the tags,
but I'd suggest finding out first. If you've already had these discussions,
please include links. :-)

> Do you have an issue with that plan?

Yes, as explained in the preceding paragraph.

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