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(In reply to Jared Zimmerman (WMF) from comment #17)
> I ask again, what is the argument against this in your mind, "social issue"
> is too vague for me to understand.

I believe MZ is suggesting that this is the kind of change that ought to be
'floated' onwiki first. It has a very good chance of being supported - we'd all
like the world to see more content from wikimedia - especially if a trial-run
convinces more people to click-through to our sites. However, changing our html
output for the benefit of a single site is not a common occurance (afaik),
especially for a commercial site (no matter how unbelievable it is that anyone
ever clicks ads!). As Jon notes in #c5, these are somewhat ungood proprietary
meta tags...
Editors would worry about:
A) a well-defined endpoint to the trial-run, if it isn't a fairly clear
"success" (metrics need to be defined, and whether we can measure the
difference quantitatively needs to be verified), 
B) slippery slope outcomes - eg would we also then consider metadata output
especially for and Google+ and Facebook and IMDB and etc. (or
conversely, do we already do this for some sites, and this would fill a gap?
Extension:OpenGraphMeta exists, but isn't installed on Enwiki. I'm not sure
what we already do.)
C) technical reversability and criteria for removal - it's nice to have
assurances that if/when Twitter enters its Myspace decline, we can cleanly
remove this extension, and that it will be done willingly.

Further notes are in

(In reply to Kunal Mehta (Legoktm) from comment #18)
> Adding meta tags specific for Twitter would anger many Wiki(p|m)edians
> because it would be seen as favoring Twitter over [insert favorite social
> network here].
> [[Wikipedia:PERENNIAL#Share_pages_on_Facebook.2C_Twitter_etc.]] is the basic
> argument against any form of catering to specifically one site.

Indeed. Although, if approached in the right way, and *oh dear god* without
those site's icons being thrust in our faces constantly (either well hidden, or
plaintext only), then it might be nice to re-address this one some day. Getting
more eyeballs on our brilliant prose and fabulous images, might be worth a
single "share" link. (But that's a separate discussion)

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