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(In reply to Steven Walling from comment #21)
> (…) most Windows users do not
> in fact have Liberation Sans nor Arimo.

I'm going to call [citation needed] on this until I see some stats. :)
Liberation Sans is installed by default with LibreOffice, and the popularity of
free office suites have grown in the recent years among Windows users too [1].
This is likely a non-negligible number of users.

[1] provides
    a ton of sources.

(In reply to Erwin Dokter from comment #20)
> 2. Only Latin script is targeted.
> (…)
> In conclusion, it is impossible to target *all* platforms *and* scripts in
> one single font stack. And I believe we should no longer try. There is not
> going to be a 'solution'; we are not a "single language" website, where
> typography has much more freedon because it only has to deal with one script
> or language.
> I am now convinced that a single font stack for a website, or more
> specifically, the software running that website, that has to deal with the
> *most* languages and scripts then *any* other website, is simply not
> possible.

I think this is a very good point that should be seriously considered.
'sans-serif' might be the best way to go by default after all. (Please note
that I wasn't among the people opposing the font stack that was chosen.)

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