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> > Sorry to hijack this, but given the very issue was discussed a month and a
> > half ago (
> > ),
> > how did that end up being an oversight?
> Because it was quite deliberately ignored. Reading up on past discussion, I
> also found [1], where TheDJ was echoing my exact thoughts as I do now.
> Mobile is also not comparable to desktop systems, as mobile fonts are
> usually very limited and easily overridden by the devices for non-latin
> scripts.

I'm sorry, but you're wrong. These are not the same issues. As Patrick noted in
his comments, "By chance (mainly to create SVGs for Commons) I have the fonts
"Liberation Sans" and "DejaVu Serif" installed on my system."

A singly user willfully choosing to download a set of fonts is not the same
thing as thousands of users unknowingly having the fonts packaged with another
application. If users specifically choose to download a font, like Linux
Libertine for instance, and then report to us that they think it's not what
they like, then the onus is on them. The case where users of
LibreOffice/OpenOffice have these fonts plus having font smoothing off
(intentionally or because that's their system default) is a whole different can
of worms.

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