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> > TL;DR: one user saying they chose to download the fonts in question is not
> > the same thing as a report that a significant minority might have them.
> Please establish a number of scapegoats and guinea pigs that one has to
> sacrifice for Steven Walling the god of fonts to accept that something is
> going to go bad. AFAICS, people had anticipated that several billions of
> world inhabitants (those speaking non-Latin script languages) were going to
> be almost surely negatively affected. Maybe they should have included
> extraterrestrial and non-human (or even non-animal) forms of life in the
> count for it to be considered noteworthy?


We actually did release two different followup versions of the body copy
settings after Patrick's comments. It was in large part due to feedback from
Wikimedians like him. The fact that now we encountered a new issue where lots
of users unintentionally get a font that does not render acceptably well is
unfortunate, and we're responding as fast as we can.

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