--- Comment #2 from Philippe Verdy <> 2010-10-10 04:09:46 UTC 
Note also that this would be especially useful for Multilingual wikis (such as
Commons, but also localized Wikipedias that use multiple scripts with distinct
sets of digits such as Persian/Farsi, and most Indic languages, and as well to
display the date and time in the preferred user's timezone instead of the
default UTC for everyone).

I know that this was discussed some years ago for old versions of Mediawiki,
but now Mediawiki has made significant progresses in its implementation of
caches, so supporting multiple locales for the same page should be much less an
issue today as it was in the past). Note also that this does not mean that
user's locale preferences will need to be implemented in all wikis (only those
wikis that are deployed with enough ressources to support multiple rendering of
the same page in distinct locales, may opt in to use an autotranslatable
date-time format in the local implementation of the proposed template).

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