--- Comment #9 from Philippe Verdy <> 2010-10-13 05:52:11 UTC 
(In reply to comment #4)
> Why should we make it available for templates when we can just as well format
> the time directly into users preferred time format (or the default for the
> language at least)?

Yes, but want I watn is that this format is NO longer static for all users. So
use a template as it is easy to do, but if you use the existing builtin parser
functions, it won't localize the date in a format that users can read according
to their preferences.

So if you want, you may implement it via a new parser function that can take
into consideration the user's locale, but be prepared to exceptions, as this is
not just dependant on its language. Generating a standard template would allow
other improvements for the rendering, when there will be, later, more parser
functions to implement it.

Note that there already exists a magic keyword from which you can know the
user's locale. So this can already be done with a template, without adding a
new parser functions. An in the future, there could exist more magic keywords
or builtin functions that will retreive other local info than just the
language: there should not be any need to change the template name generated,
but this template implemetnation can easily be updated to offer new
customizations according to new detectable user preferences in their locale
(say: language, script, 12/24h format, abbreviated/long form...): how many new
parser functions will we need ?

What I propose is simpler: just generate the template with a default
implementation and let this implementation be customized at any time on all

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