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> It should change it really, as we now know that (a) there is continuing user
> demand for this functionality (b) nothing is happening or likely to happen
> towards providing it in any other sensible way than the one proposed (c) the
> use of the very inefficient workarounds without ill effect, the use of the
> proposed functions on Wikia, etc. prove that this functionality will not (as
> feared) damage performance. Presumably sysadmins don't have completely closed
> minds, and are capable of listening to users and arguments and taking a second
> look at past decisions...


You're obviously not very familiar with Wikimedia's software development
processes. Right now, some of this ParserFunctions mess (and its use in high
use templates like "Template:Cite") cause page renderings to take upward of 30
seconds on a large article. And still nobody cares.™  If you think a bit of
whining (or is it whinging?) in bug comments or attempting to rally some folks
on a village pump is going to push anything forward, you're insane. You'd be
better off trying to raise some money for a grant, to be honest. (Though not
really; Wikimedia is apparently trying to stop accepting money with strings

If you wrote an extension that implemented JavaScript into MediaWiki templates
that also doubled as donation-related software, you might be able to attract
some attention to this bug before the 12th of Never. ;-)  Otherwise, it's
probably best to save your energy for battles you can possibly win.

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