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(In reply to comment #126)
> Don't see any reason for the negativity and sarcasm concerning this bug
> (as in comment above) - it's just a perfectly normal and well-reasoned
> [...] and will hopefully be considered on its technical merits.

Simply put: I do see one. No, it is not. I thought it was back then.

The long story short: I've developed these StringFunctions (not all by myself
of course, there were subsequently three of us:) because I needed them back
then in my own wikies. Then someone started this bug and Tim said no. Then we,
out of interest, tried to optimize the extension to be more "suitable" for
wikimedia cluster. And again, Tim said no. Then someone managed to merge
StringFunctions into ParserFunctions, which were/are installed on wikimedia
cluster. And guess what happend: Tim said no. If it ain't clear already, Tim
had his chance to reconsider.

The only thing left now is: Let it go. The more comments are posted into this
bug, the more it becomes and unusable kid chat wall. No developer is probably
going to invest into reading thru a hundred of comments, even if a nugget of
gold was lost somewhere within. ...Ahh, who am I kiddin? This attempt of
explanation is pointless anyway..

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