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(In reply to comment #11)
> What I don't understand is why does Mediawiki implement "''" purely in
> HTML (<i>), with no CSS involved, but it implements our
> allpagesredirect item we are talking about here purely in CSS with no
> HTML involved.
> It should then be safe to remove all <i> from Mediawiki and replace
> them with pure CSS. Same with <em>, <strong>, etc.
> If for _some reason_ that is undesirable, then for that _same reason_
> why can't
> <div class="allpagesredirect">...</div> be please changed to
> <i class="allpagesredirect">...</i>, or
> <div class="allpagesredirect"><i>...</i></div>, or
> <i><div class="allpagesredirect">...</div></i>?
> Just like Mediawiki sends the combined HTML and CSS
> <strong class="mw-specialpagerestricted">.
> Why did they eventually add that <strong> there, but are refusing to
> add an <i> here, but at the same time not removing all HTML tags wholesale?

When an editor adds double apostrophes into a piece of wikitext, they are
saying "make this piece of text italic".  That is what the double apostrophes
*mean*.  The <i> tag is special in the sense that *all* UAs are *required* to
display its contents in italics, which is obviously the correct thing to do to
a piece of text for which someone has said "make this piece of text italic".  

What all your comments above are not understanding is that most people Just
Don't Agree (TM) that redirects on Special:Allpages unquestionably *should*
always be in italics.  Some wikis have decided that it's a good idea, and
implemented it with CSS using the classes that we agree it is beneficial to
provide.  You have yourself explained that italics is sometimes *not* the best
way to highlight text, especially in certain character sets; it may be that
bold, or underline, or a different colour, would be a better way of
distinguishing them.  All of which can be provided by a wiki very easily in
their own CSS.  You are saying that we should be taking that flexibility *away*
from wikis, and forcing them to have the redirects in italics whether they want
them or not.  That is not a progressive change.

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