--- Comment #8 from Phillip Patriakeas <> 
2010-12-29 00:44:54 UTC ---
I'm really not sure - I was never heavily involved in templates that would have
benefited from string parsing myself (though most templates doing advanced
parsing would benefit *somehow* from native string parsing), and my involvement
with the community has been greatly reduced for months, meaning I'm now rather
out-of-touch with the current template landscape on en.WP (and I never
participated to any appreciable extent on other projects in the first place, so
I have no idea what their needs are).

That being said, I'd imagine that, at the least, functions for determining a
string's length and finding the position of, replacing, or returning a
substring (or splitting a string into substrings) would be needed. Depending on
the implementation, a replacement for pad[left] and padright may also be a good

I'd appreciate it if someone more in-touch with the current needs of (at least)
the en.WP community (and, preferably, a stronger background in
programming/computer science) could weigh in, too.

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