--- Comment #11 from MZMcBride <> 2011-01-03 07:29:30 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> Well, basically we want StringFunctions, but the developers have said no, so
> what we really want is something equivalent in power and speed to SF.

I think you're the first person to call StringFunctions powerful and fast. (And
if StringFunctions is really the best you can dream up for a fix to the current
wiki templating nightmare, it's quite sad.)

> Unfortunately, it appears that Lua etc. won't be ready anytime soon (and the
> end users (like me) hate them), and Tim absolutely refuses to enable SF, so 
> the
> only option is to re-implement SF from scratch and call it something else and
> hope Tim doesn't notice it.

No. Plenty of bugs are open for years without anyone seriously looking at them,
much less working on them and eventually resolving them. This bug is a generic
feature request for Wikimedia wikis. Once that functionality has been
implemented (in two weeks or two decades), this bug can be closed. There's no

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